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EnviroArts: Orion Online is a collaboration between The EnviroLink Network and The Orion Society, launched on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. This site is a collection of essays, poetry, interviews, and portfolios of images by some of the best writers and artists in the environmental field, including Barry Lopez, Wendell Berry, Jane Goodall, Rick Bass, Bill McKibben, Pattiann Rogers, Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo, and Scott Russell Sanders.

Over time, we hope to create the preeminent site on the World Wide Web for the celebration and enjoyment of the environmental arts. We will continue to enrich the site with more essays, stories, poetry, portfolios, and interviews over the coming months and years. In addition, we are hoping to add sound clips of interviews and readings, calendars of events, chat rooms, and other exciting features.

This site is currently being created without the support of any specific funding. Thus, to help us in this endeavor, please consider purchasing a subscription to Orion and Orion Afield, and becoming a member of The Envirolink Network. Your financial support will help ensure the continuation and growth of this site.

The EnviroLink Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available on the Internet. EnviroLink is a grassroots online community uniting millions of people around the world. As of March 1998, the EnviroLink online community consisted of more than 375,000 people visiting the site each day, in over 150 countries on six continents, connecting to each other through EnviroLink's internet-based services. Our services include our website, real-time chats, bulletin boards, electronic mailing lists, and free web hosting services to over 400 nonprofit organizations. EnviroLink provides, through our content areas and other services, the forum for a global exchange of environmental information, supplied by our community of participants.

The Orion Society is an award-winning publisher, an environmental education organization, and a communications and support network for grassroots environmental and community organizations. It is a nonprofit membership organization with individual and organizational members representing all fifty states and fifteen foreign countries. The Orion Society's flagship publication, "Orion Magazine", now in its sixteenth year, has been called "the literary, artistic, and philosophic voice of the environmental movement." Orion Afield is a companion quarterly magazine devoted to supporting grassroots environmental initiatives in conservation, restoration, and education. The Orion Society's work covers a broad spectrum, including teacher training and model classroom programs that have introduced hundreds of teachers in over thirty states to principles of "place-based" education, reading tours that have brought leading nature writers and poets to communities in over twenty-five states, conferences such as the historic Watershed Conference held in 1996 at the Library of Congress, and a variety of publications and online resources.

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