Bone-Cone Circle , Kaibab National Forest, Arizona
by Daniel Dancer

Deer bones and pinecones make this simple circle beneath a lovely grove of ponderosas. According to a report by the Southwest Forest Alliance, which was based on statistics from studies done by the Forest Service, southwestern forests have lost nearly all of their large trees. One hundred and twenty years of logging, grazing, and fire suppression have wiped out most of the Southwest's old growth, leaving a landscape of stunted trees, dwindling grasses, and eroding soil. The average diameter of trees in some Southwestern forests used to be as large as 24 inches at the turn of the century. Now, according to the Alliance, it has dropped to 6 inches. For more information, contact the 50,000 member strong Southwest Forest Alliance, P.O. Box 1940, Flagstaff, AZ 86002. Phone 520-774-6154.

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