Catalog Circle , Department of Natural Resources, WA
by Daniel Dancer

This circle was constructed from catalogs sent to one home in the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources manage thousands of acres of forest trust lands with a mandate to fund the construction of schools. The time has come to question this practice. Does it really make sense to log valuable forest habitats to fund schools? Surely funding can come from other sources. For more information on Washington State trust lands, contact Northwest Ecosystem Alliance. Even more pertinent--Does it really make sense to log nearly half of America's forest to make paper pulp? Direct mailers gobble sixty-eight million trees per year. Half the received envelopes are never opened. We pay $320 million incinerating, land filling, and recycling them. Pulp demand will soon be responsible for half the world's annual timber cut each year. Every year each American uses the equivalent in wood products of one old-growth tree. We must use post-consumer waste for paper pulp and begin switching to hemp, kenaf, and other alternative fibers to lessen our demand on trees. We can help society shift in this direction by religiously using paper with a high-content of post-consumer waste and/or alternative fiber. For more information, contact Treecycle Recycled Paper and Living Tree Paper Company.

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