Clear Water Circle , Six Rivers National Forest, Calfiornia
by Daniel Dancer

In a quiet pool along the east fork of the Eel River a circle was made from submersed leaves held down by black rocks. Near by, two circular shaped turtle petroglyphs were found along the river left by an early tribe of Karuk Indians. When forest cover remains intact, rivers not only run clear and clean, they also flow throughout the year. When the forest is cleared rivers turn muddy and swell or shrink. Streams continue to decline in quality throughout our national forest system. This problem is easily linked to logging, and especially logging roads. Watershed degradation in the Six Rivers National Forest has tragically led to the severe decline of anadromous species of fish native to the region. The pool in this picture, quiet and clear in the summer when rains are infrequent, probably looks a lot different in the rainy season when runoff siltation is high. Clear, sparkling, clean water should be a birthright to all Americans. We can best protect our watersheds by ending all commercial logging on public lands. For more information, contact Northcoast Environmental Center, 879 9th St., Arcata, CA 95521,

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